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SS 2015


The carefully selected materials thrill with their outstanding quality and wearing comfort. Philomena Zanetti uses organic, natural and fair produced fabrics for the protection of man and nature. The materials are clear of toxic chemicals and mostly GOTS-certified.

Out of love for flora and fauna there is a conscious focus on a vegan friendly lifestyle. There is no use of fur and leather. Wool, cashmere or silk originate from 100% cruelty-free productions and we continuously aspire to find vegan alternatives for our products which answer our quality expectations.

Fairness is one of our first priorities. The production takes place in GOTS-certifed factories in and near Berlin. Social standards like fair remuneration, controlled labor conditions and avoidance of exploitation are ensured.

Philomena Zanetti avows for a new sustainable lifestyle.

“I am satisfied that fashion can make a difference if we succeed to unify quality, design and sustainability.”

Julia, Founder/Creative Director


The young Berlin based Label Philomena Zanetti was founded by Julia Leifert. It combines high quality standards with contemporary Design and a sustainable urban lifestyle.

Philomena Zanetti signifies purism, elegance and femininity. The label creates advanced nonchalance with passion and integrity. The handmade patterns are inspired by contemporary architecture, art and nature. The materials and designs emphasize the individuality of the urban woman. The graphic, clean elements underline her strong, confident personality.